Gain an unwavering partner – encouraging you to become more focused and productive in order to reach your goals.

What would happen if you could walk into your workplace, sit down to a clean desk, know what your priorities are and be able to focus on them because you’ve minimized distractions?

Whether you are managing email, leading meetings, delegating tasks, following up on teammates, or creating project plans, how you spend your time processing & tracking information determines the level of control you wield over your work. Together, we can help you achieve the clear workspace, streamlined processes, and greater flow in order to gain that control.

How we work

Our proven process results in sustained change. After your free discovery session, you’ll complete an online assessment to identify the challenges you want to tackle. Then we’ll schedule your first appointment.

Working with you virtually, we’ll get to know you and understand your situation, uncover negative patterns, deconstruct the sources of your stress, rebuild your systems, and practice new behaviors. Together we will create a schedule that matches your style, and we’ll end when it feels right.

This work requires rigorous decision making — you may feel exhausted by the end of the first session. That fatigue will give way to relief in subsequent sessions as you begin to practice implementing new ideas and behaviors.

Where we can help

  • Managing time
  • Creating an email processing system
  • Developing a task-management system
  • Establishing priorities
  • Running meetings efficiently
  • Delegating effectively
  • Planning via daily and weekly reviews
  • Creating a more functional electronic filing system
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Conquering procrastination
  • Reducing perfectionism
  • Setting boundaries
  • Creating new systems that promote order
  • Improving accountability
  • Setting up paper filing systems
  • Getting unstuck

Coaching Packages

Your investment is determined by the length of engagement. Our clients typically find that our service pays for itself rather quickly. Most engagements are approximately four months long and involve several layers of new skills. Clients seeking pinpointed expertise in one area usually engage for one month.

For some clients, the coaching ROI manifests as increased personal productivity and improved time management. Others find a renewed sense of control and a readiness to take on new challenges. Virtually everyone experiences a reduction in stress.


3 hours over 30 days


8 hours over 90 days


12 hours over 120 days


Retained on-going appts

Why work with us

We guarantee our sessions will increase your productivity and focus — enabling you to get more done with less stress.

It’s a journey. We don’t follow any prescribed format – each coaching experience is unique. We actively listen, ask open-ended questions, provide guidance, and help you step back from your situation to examine it from a new perspective. In doing so, we’re able to collaboratively develop a strategic plan to guide your workday and get you back on track.

The coaching process can feel very personal. We realize it’s not always easy to address the issues holding you back. Know there is no judgement on our part, only a desire to help you along your journey to better focus and increased productivity. We’ll hold you accountable, encourage you to try new things, help you clarify priorities, respect your boundaries, and always have your back.

You will receive

  • 1:1 session time via phone, video, and/or screen share
  • A comprehensive needs assessment
  • Individually prepared summaries of each session
  • Goals tracking
  • Simple forms creation as needed
  • Unlimited email support
  • Sustained accountability and encouragement


  • You’re open minded and willing to learn new ways to do things
  • You’re seeking ways to improve
  • You see the value in having accountability and support
  • You’re ready to develop new habits
  • You want to reach the success you envision for yourself

then we’re a good fit for you.

Spark developed a system for me that I’ve been following for more than a year now, because it works. It works because it’s adapted to me and my style.

Leo Burnett Executive

Spark was able to understand my productivity challenges and personality to provide me a personalized approach to organizing my days and my to-do list. Spark never judges your style, and challenges you when thinking about your approach to managing your workload and time. In three weeks, I became much more productive and even my leadership noticed I was able to push lots out and manage my bandwidth more effectively! This made a huge difference in how I value my time. An absolute pleasure to work with and I will recommend to anyone who I know may be challenged with their workload. Most certainly a five-star experience!

226 Companies Director of Marketing

They have a unique talent for finding just the right spark that leads to more productivity. I had experimented with all kinds of apps and systems to get more productive, but it wasn’t until I engaged Spark Productivity that I was able to create a system that worked for me and energized me enough to actually use it. They have impressive powers of listening, caring and customization.

Sedway Associates Consultant

When I started working with Spark Productivity, my company had just reorganized, and there was a ton of stuff going on. We were moving offices, merging different cultures, and onboarding about 800 new employees…this was a very stressful time for me. I was getting 200-plus email a day, not including junk. Not only did Spark Productivity help me organize my electronic and physical files, they worked with me to create a new system that is so tailored to my preferences that I’m still using it a year later. And they did the same for my supervisor and co-workers, even though their styles are completely different. Our approaches mesh with each other and create an exponentially more productive culture. What was really surprising to me was how easy the system is to maintain. It’s calming. It’s simple. I’m able to spend more time on my true priorities, and less time in the weeds. I’m getting a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction out of my work.

Navistar Executive

When I started working with Spark Productivity, I was overwhelmed. I had recently started a new job, and I had three different workspaces in various locations. Spark Productivity not only helped me set up each of those spaces, they helped me organize my time, so that it was clear what I should be working on and where. Rather than dictating an approach, they helped me to figure out what had worked for me in the past, and how I could apply that thinking to the issues at hand. The more I have worked with Spark Productivity, the more I’ve been able to do that – transfer techniques from one challenge to another. Spark Productivity helped me think more strategically about how to organize my life.

Northwestern University Professor

Thank you so much. You are significantly influencing my life and I like it. I appreciate your continuous attention to detail and efforts…and keeping it fun.

Domino Marketing Executive (10 months into a yearlong engagement)